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Sunward Performed Excellently On the Market of Made-in-China Equipments
Published Date:2011-07-14
Sunward Performed Excellently On the Market of Made-in-China Equipments

Before the list of 2011 World Top 50 Construction Machinery Manufacturers was unclosed, President of China Construction Machinery Association (CCMA) Qi Jun told the media that with the fast and continuous growth of the market in China, the construction machinery industry and enterprise in this field in China became the significant players to promote the development of the global construction machinery industry.

In 2010, the sales amount of construction machinery industry in China broke through RMB 400 billion Yuan, till when China surpassed North America, Japan and West Europe to become the largest construction machinery market in the whole world.; then in 2011, the sales amount of construction machinery industry in China was expected to go beyond RMB 500 billion Yuan and reach RMB 900 billion Yuan by the year 2015.

Against such kind of background, Hunan Sunward Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. (Short Name: Sunward, Stock Code: 002097) speeded up to expand the overseas market relying on the advantages of self-innovation, shining brightly on the global stage in the field of made-in-China equipments.

•Internationalization March: Starting From Now

In 2002, Sunward started the march to enter the internal market. In these nine years, Sunward developed from the zero beginning in terms of product sales to expand to exist in more than 60 countries and districts. The revenue from export business grew from less than 500, 000 dollars in 2004 to 50 million dollars in 2007. During 2009 and 2010, Sunward experienced a further increase in terms of export business, successfully expanding the emerging markets in America and South Asia. It was undoubted that Sunward had got its spring on the international market.

At present, Sunward branded small-sized excavators have become the famous products in some developed countries including Sweden, Finland, France and Australia. In June, 2010, a Finnish young man Jukka drove a Sunward excavator to finish the mission of traveling across Finland from the south to the north, lasting 29 days and reaching 1000 kilometers, which created a new Genes World Record of travelling the longest journey by uninterruptedly driving a crawler excavator without any accident.

As the largest pile driving machinery production base in China, Sunward held more than 60% of market shares in terms of the initial product—hydraulic static pile driver in domestic China, exporting to countries and districts including Russia, Singapore and Vietnam. Especially in Vietnam, Sunward had more than 80% of market shares in the pile driver machinery market. Besides, relying on the stable quality and high praise, Sunward’s rotary drilling rug successfully entered the high end markets including America, Italy and the United Arab Emirates. In November, 2009, Sunward won the order of providing 30 sets of pile drivers to India, breaking the record of the largest export record in the field of rotary drilling rugs in domestic China. Moreover, ten types of forklifts self-innovated by Sunward had exported to Brazil, Italy, India, Sweden and Bengal. The brand of SUNWARD begun to expand to the worldwide, and had already built up a well-received brand image in the European area.

•Perspectives: To Enhance the Impact of Made-in-China Equipments

2011 is the beginning year for Sunward to prepare for the twelfth five-year plan. Persisting in the vision of becoming the creator of world valued products in equipment manufacturing field and the corporate spirits of Ideal Accomplish the Future, the company had been sticking to the development model of self-innovation and disparity and also practicing the globalization strategy, gradually marching toward shaping a high end and intelligent equipment manufacturing company group so as to enhance the influence of made-in-China equipment in the world.

Sunward planned that the total annual production amount by the year 2015 could reach RMB 30 billion Yuan. At present, Sunward registered international trademarks and patents in more than 50 countries including Europe Union, America, Japan, Korea and Russia, and gained various international authentications including CE and GOAST. Through the strategic cooperation with the partner companies of international competitive force, Sunward continued to consolidate the markets in developed countries such as Europe and America so as to fast answer back the needs of the customers and guarantee timely support of technological service for the product sales in local places. Meanwhile, Sunward would have expanded markets in the developing and under developed countries and districts with more potential in order to explore more business in the global world. While guaranteeing the product quality and service, Sunward persisted in self-innovation and lean manufacturing to push forward the internationalization course of the enterprise. Focusing on providing world level brand, Sunward relied on high quality products and excellent service to compete the other international brands.

•Service: To Create Added Values for Customers

Following the trend of economic globalization, service became the crucial factor to improve the marketing competition force for the construction machinery industry in China. In order to continuously enhance the service quality and corresponding speed, Sunward established a 24-hour service circle in Europe on the basis of building up a distribution center in Vietnam in order to provide the customers with all-round and in-time service after reporting the malfunction, enabling the customers to receive the parts within the 24 hours after stating their plans of purchasing parts.

According to Sunward, 2011 is the service year of the company. Sunward promised to offer more effective and efficient service to customers and to strengthen the construction of standardized and professional after sales team and hardware facility, running the service concept that the company could create more values only when creating values for the customers through all the course of international after sales service to form a unique service brand featured with high quality and efficiency.

About Sunward

Hunan Sunward Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. (Short Name: Sunward, Stock Code: 002097) is a hi-tech listed company that integrates production, research and development. And it has become a famous enterprise in the construction machinery industry of China since its establishment on July 29, 1999.

The company has a registered capital of RMB 26.5 million, and total assets of over RMB 120 million. Among over 1700 employees, there are 52% who have college degree or above and over 30 masters, doctors, or post doctorates; and over 200 professional technical personnel. The company owns the First and the Second Sunward Intelligent Industrial Park, which cover 235 mu and 200 mu respectively. And it also owns the Wuxi Sunward Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd., which is exclusively invested by Sunward.